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GTA Sin City is a bundle of new missions to GTA San Andreas, inspired by bestseller movie "Casino" directed by Martin Scorsese. 

Anthony Santini, the most powerful mob boss in the middle-east of the United States, decides to make money in the sin city of Las Venturas. Carl Johnson is given a proposition he cannot refuse and together with Santini family chose to eliminate mafias from Liberty City.

GTA Sin City includes:
-10 new missions.
-Addictive plot.
-10 new propreties to buy.
-A few new locations.
-2 new gangs.
-12 Rampages.
-Andrenaline capsules to be found in LV.
-Parking spaces for selected properties in Las Venturas.
-English & Polish Language.

 DLC: Love Fist Estates Missions  Rampages 




Lead Developer - Rocky24pl

Missions - Rocky24pl

Maps & Estates- Rocky24pl

Parking Save Garages Link2012

Enex Script - SilentPL

Beach Club IPL - ohnoo

FastMan92ImgConsole32 - fastman92

Rampages - Rocky24pl, SilentPL

Translation - Eucliwood, Robo_pl 


Tony Santini - Mac

Frank O'Neil - Hipno

Woozie - TimiUtox

CJ Security - MrSalvatore

Aldo Coletti - Rocky24pl


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