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GTA Country Gang War is a bundle of new  missions to GTA San Andreas. Modification is a sequel to GTA: Sin City.

Avery Carrington, a building entrepreneur from Vice City, decides to invest his funds into Bone County in the State of San Andreas. This is known that nothing lowers the value more than good old gang wars. Carrington decides to disturb two the most powerful gangs in the Bone Country with themselves, the motocycle gangs and the Rednecks. And in the Blueberry, after almost 30 years, the Johnson Brothers wants to reactivate Ku Klux Klan.

Country Gang War includes:
-10 new missions.
-Addictive plot.
-8 new propreties to buy.
-A few new locations.
-8 Rampages.
-3 new gangs (Rednecks, Motocyckle Gang and the Texans).
-Andrenaline capsules to be found in Bone Country & Red Country.
-Possibility to rob roadside restaurants and bars.

Work Progress:



1. Only Business

Postęp prac 74%
2. Deal Breaker

Postęp prac 58%
3. T.N.T.

Postęp prac 25%
4. Rick Winston

Postęp prac 20%
5. Ku Klux Klan

Postęp prac 0%
6. Convoy

Postęp prac 95%

7. Dam to Heaven

Postęp prac 0%

8. Payment
Postęp prac 0%


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